Saltline is the work of Ted Stones, an independent VST developer and producer from Cheshire, England.

Founded back in 2006 saltline has steadily gained a reputation for taking simple ideas and adding that extra little touch to deliver a left field, yet musical result. Saltline's plugins are described by users as unique in look, feel and operation.

“I was deeply into music from an early age but only started playing my first instrument when I was 16. My parents bought me a bright, red pearl export drum kit which I still have to this day. From there I started to pick up other instruments and played in several punk and rock bands.

I then went on to college and university studying fine art painting, it was at this time that I  began to fully understand my love for music and sound design.

It was only later on that I really got into recording music with a computer, around 2002/2003. I was one of those analogue/guitar band purists that thought nothing could compare to a real instrument. I hadn’t even touched a synthesizer up until that point. I spent a year trying to learn and understand the world of digital audio (which I still do not fully grasp to this day) and my first real step into producing sound with virtual instruments was when I came across synthedit. When I finally started to create plugins I found that I could bring my passion for sound and visual aesthetics together.

Instead of jumping straight into the DAW and tweaking controls that I did not fully understand I started to piece together synthesizers and effects in a circuit board approach. This gave me the understanding I needed to know how I could affect my audio signals. My first attempts at creating VST instruments and effects were all for the purpose of exploration. I created for my own satisfaction and sound design needs, something which I still do today.

In 2006 I decided to start releasing my efforts to the internet music community and was happily surprised with the feedback I was receiving. This prompted me to work on and release more of my ideas and writing music itself was pushed into the background. I do have several musical projects on the go under different names but most of my time is spent creating instruments and effects, of course when I am not doing my day job.

Today, the process of creating plugins holds the same desire and curiosity that they did for me when I first started. My ideas are based around what I would like to see. I love getting feedback wether it be positive or negative and always take people’s opinions on board. I see myself as a simple bedroom producer like most and being able to share my work with others and to hear the results gives me a huge amount of pride.”

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