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VST information and resources A huge library of VST instruments and effects and DAWs. Library put together by Alexandra da Sena Vegas. VST information, reviews, sound design and more interesting media by Diego Callegari. A great place for VST news, updates and reviews. An audio forum with a large selection of VST instruments and effects created by Bam Dorner. Popular German music magazine that has constantly shown it’s support to saltline products thanks to Mario Schumacher. Information and updates about plugins, audio software, sample packs and much more.
DSP and development An excellent modular environment that allows you to create your own VST instruments and effects. DSP resources and code.
Music and audio demos
Souncloud links:- People that have created audio demos from saltline VST instruments and effects.
Presets High quality presets for a lot of different VST instruments. Free presets for download, audio demos and much more.
Other places (not necessarily music related) One of my new art projects currently in it’s infancy. My beautiful lady’s site with some delicious recipes (after all, we have to eat. We can’t just sit making music all day). A very good friend of mine, superb photographer and film maker whose website I created.
Warehouse Finds 2012
DJ Headphones buyers guide