Here you will find presets that have been created by others for saltline plugins. The content on these pages is that of the creator. We are happy to include the work of others on this page. We have listened to and used the presets ourselves but we do not take responsibility for the work of others. If you have any questions about any of the presets available from, or linked to, on this page contact the creator directly.
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System D.F.L presets
System D.F.L is the sound design project of Dionel Franco López. Dionel has created sounds for the default factory banks of all saltline synths released to date and is constantly creating new work. Hopefully we will see more presets from him soon.
Contact System D.F.L:-
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Diego Callegari presets
Diego is a musician, sound designer and digital media artist with a lot of work to his name in many different art forms. He writes plugin reviews for several online magazines and has recently started to release his own newsletter in English and Italian. Subscribe to Diego’s newsletter here.
Kraftraum presets
Kraftraum ist ein elektronisches Musik-Projekt. Im Bereich des Sounddesigns hat Kraftraum seit dem November 2011 an der KVR One-Synth-Challenge teilgenommen um das Wissen in die Klangerstellung zu vertiefen. Das Ergebnis ist die bestehende "Rotation"-Reihe, Musikkompositionen mit selbst entworfenen Synthesizerklängen für diesen Wettbewerb.
Kraftraum is an electronic music project. Kraftraum has been designing sounds since November 2011 for the KVR “One-Synth-Challenge” to get a deeper understanding of sound creation. The result is the current 'Rotation' series, musical compositions with self-designed synthesizer sounds for the competition.
Contact:- via KVR or soundcloud. Search for artist name 'Kraftraum'
Presets: Świerk kraftraum-Kraftraum - Presets Rotation 19 + Extras.
These presets were created for Kraftraum and Soundshark’s entry into OSC60 (One Synth Challenge) ‘Rotation 19’. Listen to the full track opposite or go to kraftraum’s soundcloud profile above for more info. Kraftraum has been kind enough to let users download the presets used in his track for free and has also created an extra 7 presets.
Presets:  Świerk Kraftraum - Extrapolation Świerk bank. 20 of the 50 presets are embedded into Świerk’s default preset bank. You can download the full bank below.
Ein kleines Demo ausgewählter Presets. A short demo of selected presets.
10 Bass sounds,  14 Drum sounds,  11 FX sounds,  9  Lead sounds,  5  Pad sounds,  1  Sequence sound.
Das dazugehörige FL Studio Projekt. The corresponding FL Studio Project. (included in download file)
(This project also requires FL studio FX and the following plugins).
LoudMax (for limiting)
IxoxDelay (my bread and butter Delay i use)
T-Force Trance Gate (for making Trance leads)
James Pearl presets
James is a musician and producer. You can listen to his work and contact him through his soundcloud page below.
Presets: Świerk  James Pearl:- Oakwood set part 1
32 excellent sounds demonstrating Świerk’s ability to create classic synthesizer sounds.
These presets are not available directly from Click on the links to be redirected to the creator’s pages.
Daniel Stawczyk  presets.
Daniel currently has two preset packs available for free download from his site below. ‘Thirty for Brzoza’ and ‘Thirty for Swierk’ are two excellent banks of patches showcasing the abilities and range of tones that can be achieved with saltline’s freeware drzewo instruments.
Alvaro Faria da Silva CBW01 kits.
The FXB project is the work of Alvaro Faria da Silva and contains loads of great quality presets for virtual instruments and effects. In 2013 he created 4 excellent kits for our CBW01 drum machine (available for free form music Head over to the address below to download these for free. You can also hear Alavro’s work on his soundcloud page’s.
Saltline presets
Click on the images below to download the relevant preset pack. More available soon.
Dave Smith presets
Dave Smith is  a musician and soundscape creator from America. Below you can find a huge preset pack created by Dave for Drzewo Swierk. This extensive, extremely well thought out download includes bass, drones, strings, FX sounds and much much more.
Listen to the track opposite (Swierk Groove) that Dave has put together using several instances of Swierk along side other instruments and be sure to check out his other work on his soundcloud page.